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Pink Bream Crudo Part One: Pink Bream Belly with Yuzu Kosho and White Soy Sauce



I was at my favourite fishmonger and found the most amazing pink sea bream from New-Zealand. A very sweet and mild white fish, it can be eaten both cooked and raw. I particularly enjoy serving pink bream raw, especially in summer months as it has a very clean flavour and slightly firm texture, which makes it wonderful for crudo. With such a beautiful product, no part should be wasted and I encourage you to keep the bones, which can be used to make fish stock! Part 1 will be utilizing the belly of the bream, a richer and fattier piece. Shiro Shoyu is a type of soy sauce typically served with white fish that is made with wheat. It provides a wonderful rich umami flavour which enhances the natural flavour of the bream. Yuzu kosho, a fermented paste made with the zest of yuzu, a Japanese citrus. This adds an intense citrus aroma that is slightly floral, with a bit of bitterness.



  • Pink sea bream belly with the skin on (descaled)

  • Shiro Shoyu (white soy sauce)

  • Yuzu Kosho (fermented yuzu paste)

  • Sesame oil

  • Avocado oil (or any high smoke point oil with neutral flavour profile)

  • Red ribbon sorrel

  • Korean Chili flakes

  • Ice



  1. Score the skin of the snapper belly to prevent it from curling when searing.

2. Fill a bowl with ice

3. Coat entire filet with avocado oil, this will prevent the sea bream from sticking to the ice.

4. Place fish on the ice with the skin side facing up. This allows us to sear the skin without cooking the meat.

5. Gently sear skin with a creme brûlée torch until cooked. Using a torch is preferable as it allows for powerful and direct heat. We can also sear the skin using a pan on high heat, but we risk cooking the fish. The torch just allows for more control! If we are using a pan, step 2 is unnecessary.

6. Slice the fish into uniform slices, about half a centimetre thick.

7. Plate the fish

8. Pour the shiro shoyu and add drops of sesame oil. Garnish with a pinch of Korean chilli, sorrel, and a small dollop of yuzu kosho on each piece.

9. Enjoy!

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