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How It Got Started


Ever since a young age, I've always enjoyed cooking. What started out as helping my mother in the kitchen at the age of five, quickly became a rewarding hobby.

To say I am surrounded by a passion for good food would be an understatement. Growing up, my family always viewed food as something that should be enjoyed rather than mere nutrients. If that wasn't enough, my father also owns a restaurant. There was really no escaping it !

The reason why I started this blog is to share my passion for cooking and learning. One of my favourite things about food is its ability to educate us about various cultures as it is a universal language. 

Hopefully this blog will also give me the opportunity to practice baking, which has always been my achilles heel. 

Please note that all measurements, unless specified, are approximations as I rarely follow recipes to a tee. I prefer tasting as I cook in order to be able to make minor adjustments, something I strongly suggest doing ! 

-Samuel L. Wong 

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